Fletcher Insulation Website

  • Briefed by Fletcher Insulation to redesign their corporate website
  • Essential to incorporate 50 years of Fletcher history in the market
  • Provide a platform to launch and highlight new market leading products
  • Create a complete user experience and easy to navigate website


Fletcher Insulation required a new and updated website. The brief was to create an ecommerce portfolio website enabling users to enquire directly with the sales team.

With extensive market research, Trade Advertising first built the website architecture and drew the user experience from the architecture. Once the user experience was developed, user interface was created for the website.

  • Designed the website in a way that was simple, clean and clutter free
  • Utilised digital platforms like YouTube to establish dialogue  between users and Fletcher Insulation
  • Highlighted history and developed case studies  Created personalisation to ensure lead generation


  • Significantly increased website views and generated business enquiries through extensive on-page SEO
  • Significantly Improved navigation and user engagement through better  user experience and interface
  • Attracted, informed and engaged consumers

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